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Spokane Wedding: Billy & Melissa

Posted by Brent Looyenga
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Spokane Wedding: Billy & Melissa

I've known Billy for two years. When I first met him, he was an awesome dude I could talk theology with, was single, and getting married was seemingly far off in his mind. After leaving for a year to finish school, I came back and was super pumped to find Billy had a girlfriend. I wouldn't get the opportunity to spend much time with Melissa until after they decided to get married, and this time came when I had the privilege of photographing their engagement. Melissa, if you don't know her, is someone with tons of ideas, tons of energy, and she is willing to do anything for a great photo. We were a match made in heaven. You'll see as we go through their wedding photos a couple things: one, she loves Pinterest, and so we had some great ideas, and two, she was willing to do nearly anything for a great photo, including climbing an 8-foot rock wall (no exaggeration) to capture some awesome photos over the Spokane River. Their venue, the Flour Mill, is absolutely gorgeous, and provided many adventurous backdrops.


Melissa and her bridesmaids prepared for the day at L Salon. Lindsey Grossglauser did an amazing job taming Melissa's hair, and it stayed in place throughout the entire day.

Even though we had done a first look, Billy was obviously emotional as Melissa walked down the aisle. It was awesome. 

Fun fact: Billy's sand was not black at the start of the ceremony, but brown. About five minutes in, someone informed me that they wanted the sand switched, and asked me to take the brown sand, dump it out, and fill it with the black sand with help from one of the moms. So I did... all during the ceremony. 

Billy gave a locket to his new daughter. It was a beautiful moment. 

The top left photo from the above collage is a result of climbing the rock wall, as is the photo below.

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