02 Oct

Spokane Engagement: Corbin & Abby

Posted by Brent Looyenga


Spokane Engagement: Corbin & Abby

Corbin and Abby have known each other for years. They were friends who met at church camp. Then, over the years, they became better and better friends, not really having any other boyfriends or girlfriends, but not really "into" each other, either. They spent summers together, knew each other's families, and finally, it hit them. They liked each other. That was about three years ago, and the two got together, never to leave. They told me when we were driving to Spokane International Airport that neither of them had ever kissed someone else. That's awesome and beautiful. I will have the incredible privilege of taking a picture of their very first kiss as a married couple, which I cannot wait for.

Corbin is a pilot, so we had this awesome opportunity to take photos on the "ramp" at the Spokane Airport at sunset (see below). It was awesome. After the shoot I was given the opportunity to go up in the aircraft with Corbin and Abby, flying low over downtown Spokane. It was amazing and SO cool. It's just a small example of how genuine, awesome, caring, and loving these two people are. I can't wait for next summer. 


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