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Coeur d’Alene Engagement: Adam & Dana

Posted by Brent Looyenga

Coeur d'Alene Engagement: Adam & Dana

I have a poster-sized picture with Adam on my kitchen wall. You see, at my wedding four years ago I had the photographer take a picture with my wife and I and all of our guests. Adam was front and center in that photo, and every time I walk into the kitchen to make a bean and cheese burrito, I see my friend. It's funny to think of where things were then and where they are now. I've shot several weddings of the people in that picture, and it makes me super excited to be shooting a wedding for the dude who so obviously had fun at my wedding four years ago. (And he caught the garter!)


Watch their engagement video here

Enter Dana. For me she seemed to come out of nowhere, so it was awesome to hear their story as we walked around downtown Coeur d'Alene taking some amazing photos. Adam told me that he first saw Dana on Christian Mingle, an online matchmaking site meant for Christians. However, as he wasn't a paying member, he went onto facebook and found the same girl, and sent her a message. 

To his surprise she responded right away, but with bad news. She was seeing someone. You see, this is where the story normally ends, and people move on. But for everyone involved this wasn't the case, because it was about a month later that Dana would message Adam back saying that things hadn't worked out. She pointed to things like his smile, and his obvious love for life and friends that really drew her in. He looked friendly, so she figured she would see where this would lead. 

Obviously things went well, and they communicated over many many different forms over the next year, texting to start, then phone calls, then Skype and Facetime. It would be a little later that Adam would finally make the jump and fly down to San Diego to meet her in person. And the rest is really history, as you can see the couple are so madly in love, how could you discount their amazing story? You should check out their video engagement, because it's awesome and really shows how wonderfully these two interact. 

Don't forget the video engagement!

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