18 Jun

Spokane Engagement: Billy & Melissa

Posted by Brent Looyenga
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Spokane Engagement: Billy & Melissa

Billy likes to play the drums. In fact, he plays the drums at Real Life Ministries college group, Thirst, in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Melissa started going to Thirst and this is where they met. But really, the story doesn't end there. They continued to run into each other in different places, at a dating class run by the church, "dating without delusions" as well as happening to be in the same small group. Melissa was initially worried about how Billy wouldn't be interested in her, as he's younger (albeit only a couple years) and she has a beautiful daughter. The opposite was true though, as Billy seemed to gravitate towards her daughter, and they hit it off. 

I've known Billy for about a year or two. We've always got along, and i've always enjoyed his company. So i was pumped when i talked to him one day real early in their relationship and asked him the straight up question, "is this someone you could marry?". I don't mess around with these questions. He looked at me dead in the eye and said something along the lines of "oh yeah." No hesitation, nothing. It's a cool perspective, for me, as their relationship continued to grow and develop over the year. It was obvious, to me, from my limited perspective that these two would, in fact, get married. 

That said, i hadn't met Melissa really until our photo shoot. Boy was i pleasantly surprised. She has an amazing energy and boldness to her. Often times i'm the one that's willing to do whatever it takes to get the photo. But Melissa took this to a whole new level, willing to do anything in the name of a good photo. This meant going all over the Davenport for classy, dramatically lit photos, even when it meant going over a couple "keep out" barriers. Outside of boldness, she also seemed to have an obvious zest for life, adventurous and organized. She has plans, and will follow through for them to be realized. 

I can't wait to photograph their wedding this August at the Flour Mill. With an awesome theme that extends from the engagement photo shoot, classy and timeless. I'm sure i'll see you there. 

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