02 May

Destination Wedding: Our Trip to Mexico

Posted by Brent Looyenga
The future bride and groom standing downtown Spokane, looking at the camera.

Destination Wedding: Our Trip to Mexico

Over the last week I had the privilege of flying down to Mexico for Nick and Brianna’s wedding. While there, I took thousands and thousands of photos (yeah, that’s a lot of photos) and I also had the chance to enjoy a little bit of the Mexican culture. We wondered the streets, bought tacos and Churro’s, drank some Tequila, bartered for better deals and sweated (a lot). I loved everything, from the streets paved with rock and the colorful buildings to the palm trees and beaches.

While it’s certainly going to take me a long time to go through all those wedding photos (so many photos) I figured it would be good to share a couple of the photos I took while down there for fun (yes, I also love doing what I do when i’m not working). I love my job, and while I often photograph weddings in the Spokane area, I absolutely love it when I can photograph a destination wedding. Lucky for me, this is my second of the year, and I’m looking forward to a couple more. :) I hope you love these photos, and I can’t wait to share the incredible wedding photos I got with you! 



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