25 Apr

Spokane Engagement Photos: Dillon & Mariah's Downtown Engagement

Posted by Brent Looyenga
The future bride and groom standing downtown Spokane, looking at the camera.

Spokane Engagement Photos: Dillon & Mariah's Downtown Engagement

They met on Tinder. Mariah said she made sure to have plans directly following their first in-person meeting just in case Dillon was "a creep". They met at the coffee shop downtown Sandpoint, and immediately hit it off. In both Mariah and Dillon's case, they thought the other person "didn't quite look like the picture" which makes sense. That didn't stop the conversation though, as they proceeded to talk through their coffee, then their walk, and then their lunch even later that day.

Things continued to go well as the next day Dillon saw Mariah while she was at work (he met her for her lunch) and then the that night when they went to a movie. Simply put, these two hit it off immediately. Dillon told me he was bought in by the second day, and it wasn't long after that (about a month) that the two would be saying "I love you" for the first time, and realizing this is much more than just two people hanging out. For me, I really enjoyed my time with them, they are so kind to each other, and are easy to talk with. They fit each other so well, and made things easy. I can't wait to capture more of them in June! 


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